"Show me Your strong love in wonderful ways, O Savior of all those seeking Your help against their foes. Protect me as You would the pupil of Your eye; hide me in the shadow of Your wings as You hover over me." Psalm 17:7-8

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finishing Well!!

If you interviewed my three children, they probably would report hearing me say repeatedly, “Finish well!” or “Stay the course.”  Over the years the phrase has taken different forms:  “I’m so proud of you for finishing well!” or “I encourage you to finish well what you’ve started.”  Somehow this commendation often finds its way into my conversations.  The phrase literally wells up in me.  I tend to believe the Spirit whispers it, for the Lord deeply desires to reward and bless His children now and forever.  While His love flows free and continuous no matter behavior, His rewards express pride in our obedience and gratitude for returned love.   Obedience unleashes heaven on earth, His life, HIS JOY TO US AND OTHERS in the process, now and throughout eternity!!

This morning I heard the commendation both within and from the pulpit, “Finish well!”  “Stay on track.”  Immediately a recent event came to mind.  One night as I hurriedly prepared to leave for work, I responded to my son’s summons to the garage, “Mom, come look at this!”  He explained that he had pulled into the driveway as usual, pushed the automatic garage door opener and watched as the door jumped off the track.  I gazed in disappointment at the door hanging crooked by a few wheels knowing a call to Overhead Door was in order.  I could have done without the unforeseen expense, but suspected God probably had a lesson hidden in it.  As a wise investor, He never misses opportunities to capitalize on what little we spend (and it’s all His anyway) to right “unfortunate events!”

The repairman asked me to step outside and take a look at what caused the door to leave the track in the first place.  A garden tool apparently shifted and wedged between the wall and track, slightly bending the track.  This led to several of the wheels on that side leaving the track as the door automatically reversed on meeting with an obstruction.  He bent the track back into place and then suggested I better arrange tools in that corner, and purchase and apply chain and gear lubricant for smoother, quieter operation in the future.  So how does this incident relate?  Well, life sometimes jumps the track – veers slightly off course when we least expect it.  Often we overlook potential obstacles, like the hoe in the garage.  God revealed I had a “tool” – a gift (as a peacemaker, relationship builder) that potentially could cause problems if not balanced (like the hoe in the corner that tipped and became an obstruction).  I tend to dive into relationship building and facilitating healthy communication to such an extent that I cease resting, hearing God, obeying.  I’m learning that the desire for harmony, for fixing as soon as possible any rifts, for coordinating blessed gatherings of those I love, can potentially obstruct fellowship with God if I don’t prioritize hearing before acting.   There is a proper use and place for every tool (gift)!!  Thank You, Lord, for providing needed balance.  As far as the well oiled track, the Holy Spirit must lubricate our every move to ensure smooth, quiet operation that blesses all and glorifies God.

Friday night I battled obsessive planning all night, trying desperately to sleep with a head full of ideas on how to bless the ones I love.  I sensed the unrest in me and told God I felt like a rotisserie chicken, turning continually in my bed, searching for peaceful slumber.  He talked to me, even in my restlessness, but then this morning He truly got my attention and got me back on track.  Thank You, Jesus!!  And, thank you, Vincent Carpenter, His faithful messenger, for delivering His word to me this morning. 

On track again in His Shadow,
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  1. It isn't easy to stay on track, Terry. You're right. It is important to stay the course and finish well.
    Ginger asked me to leave you a message that she is unable to comment on your blog. She has tried for weeks, but her computer won't let her. I have had a hard time getting the comments I make to post also. I have no idea what the problem is, but wanted you to know. There are probably others who read your blog but are unable to comment.

  2. Hi Terry, Love this reflection and devotion on what it means to finish well! May you have many blessings this week, as you strive to stay on track!

  3. Charlotte and Ginger,
    I don't know what the problem is with posting comments, but I will do some investigating. Thank you for the encouragement you give to me and other inspirational writers!!

  4. First time I've been to your sight. I love the picture of the swans!
    Thanks for the keeping on track thoughts. I could so identify with feeling like a "rotisserie chicken, turning continually in my bed". Good methaphor!
    God does bring that peace that passes all understanding. I just have to learn to turn it over to Him much more quickly. And like you my tossing comes from those creative planning sessions. Just this week I've been asking God to help me identify the creative thoughts that are worth pursuing and to help me let go of any others.
    Blessings on the rest of your week.