"Show me Your strong love in wonderful ways, O Savior of all those seeking Your help against their foes. Protect me as You would the pupil of Your eye; hide me in the shadow of Your wings as You hover over me." Psalm 17:7-8

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Take Flight!

Last weekend I spent a couple of nights with my daughter.  We slept together in her second story room which seemingly opens out on a bird sanctuary.  From this level, all one sees are sky and tree branches bobbing under the weight of visiting birds.  And the “music” that one wakes to in the morning – well, it takes me back to camping trips, to opening dream-fogged eyes in a room with fabric walls.  In that room, little separates you from the early morning praise and conversation of birds (and beasts)!!

That first morning I woke early to the neighbor’s yapping dog, who felt it his duty to sound the alarm to all neighborhood dogs.   In turn, the sleeping parakeet on the ledge of Lori’s picture window came alive and joined in the chorus.  My daughter, accustomed to this morning anthem, dreamed on.  I, on the other hand, lay there thinking, thinking and observing the little green bird beginning her day as usual.  I watched while Bonnie hopped perch to perch inside her cage singing, and breaking only for a quick peck at the seeds placed for her in a tiny cup.  At times she flew to the rim of her opened cage and stared at the birds playing tag in the trees.  Then she hopped back down in her cage and attended to preening, eating, or singing.  I thought to myself, she prefers life inside a cage – predictable, safe, her own private glassed in box seat with a view of all the action outdoors.

When my daughter stirred, I asked if she could move Bonnie into the adjoining bathroom so we could catch a few more winks.  When she rose to do so and approached the cage, Bonnie panicked.  She beat her wings frantically, exiting the cage and landing on the metal frame of the window.  Hurriedly, we turned off the ceiling fan.  Endeavoring to steer Bonnie to safety, my daughter motioned her towards the bathroom.  Bonnie would have nothing to do with that idea.  Searching desperately for refuge, Bonnie flew back into the cage and welcomed the replacement of the lid on her cage.  All, including Bonnie, breathed a sigh of relief (for birds and girls alike fear the possibility of a bird getting tangled in tresses!)

Once settled back into bed, my daughter told me that for months Bonnie ventured only to the rim of her cage even though there was no ceiling to it.  To this day, her flight lacks grace and fluidity.  Although born to fly, she flies instinctively only as a means of escape from potential danger.  She does not “yet” associate joy and unbound freedom with taking to the air.  This raised a couple of questions in my mind.   Do I, like Bonnie, choose to perch on the rim of an open cage though made to fly free?  Do I realize the ramifications of God releasing me, opening the realm of the air to me?  Am I practicing graceful flight?  For effective flight does take practice and faith to leave the cage behind!!!

Still Learning to Fly In His Shadow,

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sarah's Holy Place

Preface:  This was written the morning after Al Joslin proposed to Sarah Eyth.  To those who know them, their love story speaks volumes regarding the goodness and faithfulness of God.  Sarah has deeply impacted my life with her young (yet old soul) love for Jesus!!  She is a mighty worshiper of the King.  Al, you’ve a fiery woman of God to love all your days.  Be blessed in her love, and moreover may both of you be blessed beyond telling by Jesus as you unite your hearts and lives for His glory and pleasure (and thus your own)!!  Looking forward, along with you, to October 1, 2011.

 Sarah's Holy Place

A tattered banner waves from tree o’erhead
inviting me to revisit this holy place.
Here Sarah oft came dying,
dying to believe she was truly loved.
Here she met Father and wept in His arms.
Here she poured perfume on Savior feet.
Here ‘neath this tree she tabernacled,
and learned who she was: God’s dove,
one made worthy, one made to be loved.
Here she worshiped.  Here she prayed. 
Here she pined, faith undaunted,
for her Lord had promised.

Still, in her want, she died a thousand deaths,
becoming more and more alive,
set apart, irresistible!!
Here victory was won,
death of a marital dream undone.
Here, Jesus cried, “It is finished.  It is done.”
Here, the bride’s price was paid, and pledge made.
Like dazzling lake in afternoon sun
a covenant ring now sparkles.
Two shall become one.

Under this tree a tent open to God was raised.
Curtains hung sunset drenched,
candles flamed passionate,
bracelets on ribbons sang in Spirit wind.
Here Al proposed to Sarah,
proclaimed undying love on bended knee
Everything about it pointed back to A Blood-Stained Tree.
Tree on which Savior hung, bended knee, nailed feet,
pledging love undying, rising to claim His Bride.
As the veil was rent so many years ago,
so this tabernacle on Calvary beach
opened to admit and emit heaven’s glow.

Al surprised Sarah in every way
as will The Groom His Bride someday,
when clouds shall part and The Lord descend
sweeping her up to be forever with Him.

Beautiful Bride In Waiting!!  Congratulations!!!!!!!!


Rejoicing In His Shadow With Them,

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This afternoon I peered into the mirror
and beheld her aged face.
With trembling hand I added contour of rose and ovals of gray.
Out popped lips and eyes from fleshy terrain.
I studied the tawny floor upon which time had waltzed in glass slippers, 
leaving memories of the dance.
Worry and fret had marched there too,
side by side in combat boots,
adding depressions and ridges like exposed tree roots.

Smiling Back At My Designer
Below her face
a grand staircase,
with runner laid beautifully in the folds,
met small mound of chin covered in fine scrawl.
There, written with care, by Ancient of Days,
her design, blueprint of God, coming clear with years.
Radiating from her mouth like rays of sun, delicate lines recalled laughter, and millions of expressions besides.

His Glory On My Face

Oh the valleys, how splendid,
furrows made by Lover’s touch
tracing features, knowing her, wiping tears!
I’m thankful Lord for fifty-two years,
for exquisite carvings upon my face
attesting to Your amazing grace.
Sonnets You’ve written and mine in reply
character emerging ‘round mouth and eye.
What a blessing to grow old with You,
live, wrinkle, and die!

Seeing Him In The Shadows On My Face,

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Eve at the Arboretum: A Gratitude List

I'm grateful for:
* evening song
* dove coo
* wrinkles of earth, weathered 
* petunia perfume
* billowing skirt
* water seeking depth
* sagging cedar with willowy 
* garden tent
* scampering feet
* ravines
* lemon balm surprise
* foot bridges
* flower veins
* magnolia bloom
* spongy foot path – cedar floor
* ringed stump on trail’s edge
* interruption in flow – rapids 
* cardinal chase through
* grandmother strolling with
  curious boy asking, "why?" a
  hundred times 

* gas lanterns beginning to 
* arboretum sunset
* oleander blooms floating on 
* wisteria bower
* mimosa fringe
* neon lights as another day
* God’s sketches with soft 
  fuzzed edges
* porch light on
* lavender wreath on paneled

* line of a song, “eternal balm
  for ancient wounds”
* breath through flute
* moon glow on tin roof 

Thanking God for Garden Visit,

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Truth In Place of Lies

The following are a few truths God spoke to me when I needed most to hear them again from His lips:
* I love you, Terry.  My love is not performance based.  It never has been nor will be.
* I grieve when you struggle.  I long for you to draw near to me, to permit Me to comfort you like a mother her hurting child.
* My patience is infinite.  I also know end from beginning.  I complete what I begin in my sons and daughters.  I don't employ the methods of man, ie.,  emotional manipulation, control, blackmail.  My methods are love, peace, quiet wooing (not the "silent treatment"), allowing room for response from your heart, not robotic behavior which I of My own will generate.  I allow free will -- it is a mystery.  But in that space, I wait, ever hopeful, smiling -- secure in Our relationship.  I don't vacillate with your inconsistency. You do not have to play games, Terry, trying so hard to make up for failure in your strength, for it leads you to feel I'm impossible to please, a tough taskmaster.  This is so far from the truth.  I'm PERFECT PAPA, remember!!

Enjoying Truth in the Shadow,