"Show me Your strong love in wonderful ways, O Savior of all those seeking Your help against their foes. Protect me as You would the pupil of Your eye; hide me in the shadow of Your wings as You hover over me." Psalm 17:7-8

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Drive With Me For A Day

Come along with me on a typical day’s drive with Jesus!!  WORSHIP!!!  Speak pictures, speak.
Welcome to My Sanctuary on Wheels
Over the River, Through the Woods -- Flow RIVER FLOW in me!!
Don't Overlook Gold in the Dust
Discovering  Boundaries Fallen to Me In Pleasant Places
Treasuring this Season's Gifts

Glory Curtain Rising on a New Day

Winter Revealing  My Many Nests
Honk If You Love Liberty

Notice the Platform for Feeding and Satisfying Thirst
Christ in the Crossing Guard

Spring Swallowing Winter
Pear Trees Drinking Deep Redemption Rain With Me!!

Open Beauty To His Appreciative Gaze
Just Take Mental Note
Keep Paying Attention
I am blessed to climb into a sanctuary on wheels five days a week.  From the rearview charms swing drawing my eye and heart upward where my help comes from – bells of my bell tower. They remind me to “Believe,” and call me to worship en route to patient homes.

Every picture represents a sermon.  Whether trees, vehicles, or costumed strangers, they faithfully deliver their divine messages as I drive in an attitude of worship.  I’ll only detail those requiring context: the statue of liberty, crossing guard, and garbage trucks.

Mid-February, some poor soul employed by an income tax service must don an aqua toga and wave an ignored sign, “Honk If You Love Liberty.”  This in all kinds of weather, the Waco wind whipping both garment and headpiece, adding to the pleasure of this busy street corner duty.  I wonder how conspicuously invisible this person feels??  I tried in vain to capture the sign mentioned, and must confess I resisted honking every morning for weeks on the way to work.  I did however meditate on my love of liberty – Christian liberty, that is, and the sacrifice TRUTH made to set men (me) free.  From my heart I repeatedly sounded the horn through that intersection in thanksgiving!!!  And I prayed for grace to pursue even greater liberty in the Lord.

Often I wonder on my way to the office if the crossing guard might be Jesus in disguise.  Oh, I know, he doesn’t fit the traditional image.  His facial expressions even look a bit stern.  No matter the weather, he always dresses for rain, long yellow coat, gray hoodie and gloves, hiding all but his serious face.  When not risking his life to prepare a safe path for leading school children, he may be seen instructing young parents at the crosswalk.  I strain to hear Him speak morning after morning and my heart burns within as He silently tells of His priorities, watching over His holy school zones through which only the foolish speed.  He was the first to warn, “Slow Down!  Take time to watch!  Listen!!  Welcome and guard those entrusted to you.  Follow Me!!”

It is probably obvious I pay more than casual attention to the vehicles around me.  This week on more than one occasion, I found myself bumper to bumper with a garbage truck.  In another instance two were coming head on down a neighborhood street, and following that experience, a parked truck was spied at a gas station where I pulled in for fuel.  Before noticing it, I swiped my debit card, and quickly ducked into my car while gas filled my tank.  Then, I saw it, a pristine white garbage truck from yet another angle right in front of me – parked without a driver in sight.

The first truck pictured happened to stop before me at a light.  On this particular morning I had the unfortunate privilege of serving as a sounding board to several people’s tirades.  The complaints did not directly pertain to me, rather I happened to be first available to diffuse their stress.  It dawned on me afterwards that I must choose what to do with this refuse.  I determined not to compact it on top of my own garbage (issues), to instead, like the truck in front of me, take it to the dump!!  By the time I saw half a dozen garbage trucks in a matter of days, I asked the Lord what more He had to say.  He indicated that on this gray and rainy day, He was inviting me to hop up in the cab of the empty truck with Him and once for all get rid of some obsolete philosophies, coping methods, and tattered garments.  He affirmed over and over how extraordinarily beautiful I am to Him, and I mean deep within where time doesn’t reach beautiful.  He made two glorious promises to me that afternoon while washing me in redemption rain!!

Remembering Him, I wrote this later that afternoon:  “I saw YOUR hands clapping in the trees reflected in sidewalk puddles.  I dared not disturb these holy pools, rather enthused and infused by You, I stepped carefully around them.  It was then I saw myself, the object of Your applause, in the pool with you, Your smile spreading blissful across my face.  I saw You in me, exquisite.  I’m getting it Lord, Your opinion of me, Your love and desire(s) for me.  Indeed, the way you move, I stand no chance.  Ah, with Beth Moore I say, “There is no high like Most High!!!”

Abiding In His Breath and Shadow,
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  1. loved scrolling the pics and reading your heart. Hope your week shines

  2. The pictures tell your story well. I've seen several people in our area standing on the street corners dressed in the liberty costume. I thought it was a local thing but I guess they're everywhere. Thank you for taking me along on the drive with you.