"Show me Your strong love in wonderful ways, O Savior of all those seeking Your help against their foes. Protect me as You would the pupil of Your eye; hide me in the shadow of Your wings as You hover over me." Psalm 17:7-8

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rest: Dancing with God

Has the Lord ever instructed you while simultaneously moving powerfully inside you through a song?  I had this experience yesterday morning while driving to visit my first patient of the day.  Here are the lyrics to the song, Dance (I suggest you listen to it at right, as well):

I'm after your heart, why should I be still
When the worship starts Lord
I'm so in love with you
What can man do, can't hold me back anymore
You spin over me, and you are pleased when
I spend myself on you
I'm gonna let go now, really worship
Letting my dance come forth

Dance, dance
Let the Spirit move you
Dance, dance
Holy Spirit in you

He packed an amazing message on rest into this kinetic worship song as we danced down the highway together.  He demonstrated His definition of rest as a well-executed dance with Him.  The music played and energy surged, my spirit ecstatic while He spun and spoke.  Some dances are a graceful series of slow cheek-to-cheek movements, while others are double-time, and steaming hot in terms of the intimate connection between partners perfectly in sync, in love.  I’m learning to appreciate that rest has very little to do with the pace of life.  For several years I lived quietly with my children, educating them in the piney woods under swaying trees lakeside.  Picture with me relaxation to the max: a self-determined pace, hours in the Word, journaling, drawing, nature walks.  Slow dancing!!  Now fast forward, my children are grown, two have children of their own, and all of a sudden I’m invited to Tango with God, to foxtrot, to hustle, to twist – to quiver under His power and influence.  Oh to quiver, Spirit-infused and enthused to spend myself on Him.  I’m ready, Lord, to let my dance come forth.  Spirit MOVE ME, again and again and again.  Dance in me as you did yesterday morning.

Whirling in His Shadow,

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  1. What a beautiful thought - dancing with the Holy Spirit! I hope you are blessed every day with that sense of joy!

  2. What an awesome post! My granddaughter and I have just recently been having conversations about this very subject, so I say "Yay! Enjoy!" Blessings for sharing!

    1. By the way, I absolutely love your header picture and the verse under it.

  3. Beautiful! I love the thought that rest in God doesn't always mean less activity. And to compare it to a dance makes it so worthwhile. When we're concentrating on steps and feeling our partner we don't even think about the energy expended until we are finished and we suddenly notice our fatigue. But it was fun and we'll gladly do it again.
    God is my partner, too.

  4. Love it. Reminds me of David dancing before the Lord. The Lord was pleased even if some of the people were not. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh - I love this - I want to do all the dances with God - letting Him lead, of course! LOL What a beautiful, spirit-filled drive you had! Wishing you much dancing this week!